In order to ensure short delivery routes and fair working conditions, we have our products knitted in Germany and source the fibers from Europe. Our manufacturer also uses 41% renewable energy and has received the 2020 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for the 11th year in a row for its consistent commitment to energy saving, reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Our paper packaging, business cards, paper-based stickers, postcards and linen bags made from Öko-Tex are also made in Germany. And not only that: When it comes to our office equipment, we always pay attention to local manufacturers and renewable raw materials and thus pursue a holistic sustainability concept.

We know that we are not yet perfect, but we do our best to act sustainably at all levels. We don't want to BLAD, we want to make a real difference. We are aware of our responsibility and are constantly working to leave fewer and fewer traces with every step that we take and will take in the future. Step by step.


We select our partners based on whether they take on social responsibility and adhere to binding ethical standards. Our producer for our tights is a member of the Fair Labor Association and works with the Better Work Program of the UN International Labor Organization. Compliance with ethical standards is required of all business partners and is checked in regular audits by our producers.


By 2025 we want to work entirely with recycled fibers, use less electricity and water and optimize our production processes. And we can't wait to walk this path with you. ❤️